ADA:on stage|a onewomanshow

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Debuted to a Sold-out audience January 2018. 

It all started when...

ADA: ON STAGE is a live one-woman-performance depicting the life of a young woman on her way out of high school headed for the next step in her life. Thinking college will finally be her escape from a strict household and a dysfunctional family, some first time experiences as a freshman suddenly begin to hold her captive and frozen in the memory of her childhood, making it hard to adapt to a life away from everything she’s ever known. A mashup of theater, poetry and dance, ADA: On Stage is an evocative performance art experience that identifies oppressive and traumatic moments that unknowingly stick with young women as they grow as well as the ways in which a past without reflection is destined to reappear in a person’s life without warning.

Through the body of writer and dancer Candice Iloh, the audience is invited to bare witness to what happens when one young woman begins discovering ways to truly become herself. What happens when she begins to question and realize she wants a life different from what she’d been taught was best for her? What happens when she discovers she wants a future no longer dominated by the decisions of men? What happens when our memories show us we’ve had little control over who we are? Narrated in rhythmic verse, ADA: On Stage is a story many young girls know but do not tell about navigating power, shame, belief, and what the body remembers and searches for when it finds itself somewhere new. get your ticket now at